We are always looking for sites to host the CCSC:MW Conference. Generally, the preferred date is the fourth “weekend” of September, but the third weekend of September or the first weekend of October could work as well.

The conference starts around 1pm on Friday, but usually there is a pre-conference workshop that starts at 9am on Friday. Likewise, the conference ends around 1pm on Saturday after the luncheon, but sometimes there is a post-conference workshop as well as the K-12 Special Session on Saturday afternoon. Generally, the rooms needed for the conference includes:

  • spaces, often labs, for the pre- and post-conference workshops
  • rooms that hold about 20-30 for 2-4 tracks
  • a room for the keynote address that holds about 80-100
  • one or more computer lab spaces for a programming contest that holds at least 15 teams (of 3 students each)
  • a registration area in a central location
  • a vendor/break area in a high traffic area
  • a space for the student showcase (posters and other displays on tables), often in the break area
  • Friday banquet and Saturday luncheon areas for about 100

Ideally, these areas are close together, though the programming contest and the eating area are often not in the same building as the rest of the conference.

If you are interested in hosting a CCSC:MW Conference, contact our Regional Representative:

Cathy Bareiss (cbareiss@olivet.edu)
CCSC:MW Regional Representative
Olivet Nazarene University
Bourbonnais, IL